Once a year something magical happens

Over 5 acres is transformed into a winter wonderland. A free, drive-through light show like you’ve never seen.

6 houses. 7 1/2 acres.

And it keeps getting larger every year! What started out with a couple of Lucy Depp homeowners talking about Christmas Lights is now one of the must-see drive-through holiday light shows in Central Ohio.

A labor of love, it takes over a month to hang the lights and countless hours to program the show. Almost every tree, bush, and display is independently controlled, which means that there is an extension cord from that item back to a controller. In programming, we have to tell each channel what to do, down to the millisecond! It’s quite a feat to make some lights blink, that much is for sure!

The show runs from Black Friday to New Years, dusk until 10pm Sun-Thurs and dusk-11 on Friday and Saturday. Because our roads are so narrow and traffic is a concern, we have a loop around the show. You enter at Frabell Dr and exit on Springdale Dr. 

More information about our show, including directions, at ldplights.com

Fun facts from our 2019 show:

-6 houses

-Covers over 7 ½  acres

-1/2 mile show loop

-60,000+ lights

-15x 16-channel controllers (240 independent channels of conventional Christmas lights)

-Pixel displays with a combined 15,000+ pixels (each bulb/dot can be individually controlled and color changed)

-Over 48,300 total channels of control

-5 wireless nodes delivering network signal across the entire display

-5500’ + of Cat5 cable connecting the majority of the controllers

-Over 6 miles of extension cords

-The whole show is run from one Raspberry Pi (a computer the size of a deck of cards)

Learn more about our show at ldplights.com!